After teaching in Austin, Texas and around the world for 10+ years, I embarked upon a path to study design.  

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Through my time at Austin Center for Design, I practiced under some of the nation's top professionals, and dove deep into the methodology and theory that supports this practice. Officially, my credentials are in Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship. I think it's the latter half of that title that really sets my design practice apart. 

Though design can be applied to almost all fields, using design thinking methodology, or rather human centered design, to solve some of the world's trickier problems is really where its power lies. I am a strong believer in collaboration and working alongside the beneficiaries of a design project. Not only is this empowering for those involved in the design process, it's exponentially more likely a project will be adopted and sustained. 

I believe that human-centered design is about much more than being great for business. It represents a cultural revolution in which we start prioritizing people and relationships, which to me, is what matters most. 

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